Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Color Study for New Whaling Painting

Well, I got carried away with this study...normally I don't develop a study/sketch this much but I really wanted to see if all the elements would work. From this study I became aware of a few little things I want to adjust in the final painting--I'll talk about those things when I have the final finished so that they can be compared. This study is 10" x 8".

This Week's Figure Sketch

This one I did directly in paint, no drawing done in advance...which means I had to do quite a bit of backtracking to find the contour. It was 3 hours and I was nervous working directly so I stuck with a similar pose. Next week I'll have a female model and I might try a pose that includes the face...we'll see. Also, I've been using an alkyd drier with these, which has enabled me to work back into it quickly as I go.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Quick Figure Sketch

Lately I've wanted to paint during my practice sessions rather than draw. Admittedly this was sketched quickly before I started painting but I think I might just start in paint on the next one. I hope to do these often and will post as I go . . . This was done in a 3 hour session.

Drawing for new Whaling Painting

This is the preparatory drawing for a new whaling painting I'm starting. I think that it will be relatively small (around 11" x 14"). If I can, I will post process shots.