Friday, October 22, 2010

Star Wars Art: Visions

Star Wars Art: Visions has come out and I'm very honored to have a Diptych I painted featured in the book. I have an additional two paintings featured in the Limited edition. I've posted all of them here. It was a privilege to work with Jonathan Rinzler, the executive editor at LucasBooks. I finally saw the book in person today and it's beautiful. There are many incredible paintings by so many artists. I highly recommend it: Star Wars Art: Visions


  1. Terrific Scott!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Ariel,

    As always, I'm very appreciative of your comments here on the blog and on Facebook. I'm always glad to know you're out there taking a look at what I'm doing. Hope things are good in Argentina!

  3. Hey Scott,

    Awesome work! I love your dark backgrounds.
    I have trouble with dark backgrounds, and Im curious to know what colors and mediums you use for your dark night time skys.

  4. Same here, please fill us in on the stuff you use :)))

  5. Hi Jason and Miljenko. Well, I don't have too many special tricks. I mostly just use a neutral mixture of Ivory Black*, Raw Umber and perhaps a small amount of titanium white for greater opacity. Also, I think it's more effective if there are values in the primary subject that get darker than the background (as in the hair, or some very dark core shadows.The small amount of titanium white helps with this. As far as medium, I really just use a small amount of Linseed oil in about 2-3 passes. Let me know if there are further questions.
    *In many paintings I lean a little more towards Ivory Black to keep things slightly bluish in appearance.

  6. Amazing stuff to a person who had no art lessons whatsoever. I really enjoy your site.

  7. Lovely paintings Scott! I just have one question, and its regarding the light sabers. Wouldn't they be considered a light-source, and therefor illuminate whoever is holding them, at least somewhat? Im not sure, since they are part of a fantastic universe, they might not. Just wondering.

    Cheers Tim