Sunday, December 4, 2011

Preview: Figure Painting Demonstration

Hi Everyone,

Here is a preview of my new Figure Painting Demonstration. It is one hour long and portrays an 18 hour process that takes you through the drawing, the color study, an underpainting and two stages of form modelling. It is $30 and available for download on my website:

I hope you all enjoy!



  1. Beautiful work Scott. I am downloading it today.

  2. Amazing clip, can't wait to see it.

  3. Hell yeah man, that looks pretty sweet.

  4. Superb video as always. Thanks so much! I love it to see a painting evolve from a simple drawing to such a masterpiece.

  5. i want more and more plezzzz

  6. Hi Scott!!

    I am writing you to tell how impressed I am with your work. It is amazing!
    I am spanish student of illustration, and my anatomy teacher is Amaya Gúrpide; she told us about you and show us some video of these you have in blog. And nowadays I am following your work.
    I would like to go to study to New York, to learn how to draw and paint in the classic and correct way, but at least I am lucky having as teacher to the fantastic Amaya.
    And by the moment that is all. I hope you let me write to you in other moments because you are a big big artist.

    Thank you!!

  7. Sorry! Another thing only: I love ERIK SATIE !!!

  8. Excellent work! Loved it!
    I also have a blog: Could you pass by? I would apreciate ir very much!

  9. Thanks for the Video Scott, it has managed to solve a lot of questions I had about the block in method of drawing I picked up from a fantastic book by Mr Anthony Ryder(I hope you don't mind me mentioning him here)

    As a self taught/learning artist, this video is a Goldmine for me.

    Keep Rocking Man!

  10. Oh and I have purchased all the Books you have recommended, I already had the two Harold Speed books and I am waiting for the Anatomy ones to arrive. Thanks again!

  11. Can you show us how trained and are training and not just how to do it
    Shapes, and gradient and mix to get the skin colors
    And not only shows us how creative you are

  12. im sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for more!

  13. Both videos (portrait and figure) are superb...I am watching them at 0.5 speed to make them double their time and have double fun ;)

  14. Excellent films!And as usual gorgeous work.Recommending them to all my artist friends and students.