Friday, May 31, 2013

Here are some new paintings. Some of you may be familiar with parts of them as I painted a portrait from each in my most recent video, "The Art of Painting" 

This one is titled "Waylay". It measures 24" x 34" and is oil on linen. I posted an image of the poster study below. It's fun for me to see the original concept for the painting along side the finished product. When there are so many elements it makes it a lot easier to have a study of the overall design.
Another interesting thing is how much some things can change during the course of a painting. Below is the head of the far left figure. The image below represents what I'd painted in "The Art of Painting" . . . However, as I developed more of the painting it became apparent that it did not fit the rest of the painting stylistically and needed to be handled with a higher degree of specificity. So, I scraped down, redrew the head and started again . . .
This next painting is titled "The Voyage". It measures 20"x30" and is also oil on linen.
Below is the poster study. I originally painted the sky the same value as you see the poster study but decided I wanted more contrast to enhance the drama.
Below is a closeup of the portrait. This portrait was painted in "The Art of Painting" and unlike the portrait in "Waylay" was changed very little to fit into the larger context of the scene (I darkened the form as it turns into the shadow edges around the cheeks). *BTW, I have no idea why Blogger is screwing this image up. It turns it sideways when you enlarge and cannot find anything in the code to explain it. If you have an insight regarding this, let me know.
Lastly, here is a close up the guy near the lantern. I don't know why but I've been very intent on including lanterns as a secondary light source in my paintings lately . . . This little side scene was my favorite part of making this painting.


  1. Super paintings, well done Scott!

  2. Meravigliosi questi dipinti!

  3. Looking good, Scott. I particularly like the whaling one at the top. Keep up the good work!

  4. Scott, these are incredible. The handling of all of the elements is exquisite, it adds an exceptional visual and conceptual richness to these paintings that is so rarely seen. Phenomenal painting!

  5. This is incredible. Your painting looks so life like. I like that you posted a few pictures before the finished project so we could really appreciate the transformation from paint to art. Thank you so much for posting.

  6. Hey Scott. As always your art is perfect. I would like to know hoe you set up these scenes?

  7. *jawdrop* These are AMAZING! Wow!

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