Friday, March 12, 2010

Whaling Sketches

This week I thought I'd continue with a little more catch up. Over the last several years I did a series of whaling paintings. This was largely inspired by the Mystic Seaport which I live near. Planning for these paintings involved a lot of sketching from my imagination. I built up literally hundreds of little composition thumbnails and illustrations of the various ideas I had. Posting these feels like a good lead-in to the direction I'd like to take the blog. Currently I'm nearing the home stretch on a large 2 figure painting. When that's completed I'm going to begin the process anew by doing compositional sketches for the next painting. I hope to post them here and update throughout the process of developing whatever idea I choose.


  1. I like the painted ones, how long did they take?

  2. Gosh Scott, I love these color sketches. I am about to start one and have learned so so much from yours, they are beautiful and we are lucky to have you posting this invaluable info. Thanks -camie

  3. Thanks Camie, that's so nice of you to say! Your blog was one of my main inspirations for starting this one. Hope things are well,