Saturday, May 1, 2010

Living up to the Name of the Blog

Okay, I thought I'd get back to some actual sketch book stuff.

I'm still not quite ready to show sketches of the painting I'm planning next. I want to get a little further in some of the compositional sketches and then I'll share. In the Meantime:
Here is another one of my old whaling themed sketches. I have a ton of these and I'll post them here and there as I go along. This one was going to be set between two rocky cliffs on a little island. Just beyond the figures was going to be a beach and the little boat the two standing figures arrived on. In the distance, off shore a bit, was going to be the large whaling vessel. The idea was that the guy on the ground deserted by stealing a little boat and had an ill fate by shipwrecking on this barren island. Anyway, the most that will come of this drawing now is the description I just gave (although writing about it makes me want to revisit it).

These other drawings are pure sketchbook stuff. I am sort of hesitant to post them because they doesn't seem particularly relevant to any of the work I do. But, this is the kind of stuff I draw every day in my sketchbook. Doing them feels a little like writing a short story. I doodle these landscapes and little villages all the while imagining the people there, the roads they take, the lives they lead, the kind of terrain around them etc... I do this almost involuntarily. It maintains the experience drawing has always been for me since I was a little kid; one of pure pleasure and imagination. My fine art paintings are certainly fun and hopefully demonstrate that same degree of imagination but they go through an intense conceptual process that extends over several weeks and maybe months. Drawing like this is like writing without an editor and in many ways feeds into the ideas that turn into paintings.

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  1. You shouldn't be hesitant, these are a lot of fun!