Saturday, May 22, 2010

Process Shots of Older Paintings

Here are some process shots of paintings that were done between 2 to 4 years ago (the completed paintings are on my website). These photos were taken quickly with relatively poor lighting so excuse the weird raking light on the canvases. I'm currently working on another portrait and will post progress shots with it once it is finished.

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions (on the blog, Facebook and in person) for the Webisodes I'm working on. They will help guide the coming episodes.


  1. Absolutely incredible paintings Scott.
    I love be able to see them in this stage.

    I think that seeing the process some times is even more incredible that see the final result (not because the final result is not terrific, but because the non finished paintings shows us the more polished and the working area simultaneously, contrasting a lot)

    I really like the sense of fullness of your painting. The faces have weight, density, and your color control is super...
    Really great!

    Thanks for sharing

    (ps: sorry for my poor English!)

  2. Thanks guys! I agree Ariel, I've always enjoyed the look of partially turned form juxtaposed against the flat tone of the canvas...

  3. Your rendering astounds me. I can't comprehend it. Thanks for being so good and being an inspiration to me!

  4. Scott, just by chance,
    do you have a little bigger pics of some of this shots? For better appreciation! :)

    I look at them again and again and I cannot believe your precision and subtleness in the election and placement of value/hue/chroma in every plane (small and big).


  5. Hi Ariel, email me at the address on my website and I will send you some higher res images. I try to keep large images of my work off the internet for reproduction reasons etc... But I'd be happy to share them with you. Thanks for the interest!

  6. Someone just sent your blog to me and I am in awe looking at your work... Thank you for work with us.