Saturday, May 15, 2010

Webisode Preview

I'm working on some instructional webisodes that I hope to begin posting this summer. They will be about 5-10 minutes each and may consist of small demos, concepts or other art related material. If anyone has suggestions for the kind of thing they would like to see, please let me know.



  1. WOOOOW.
    I can't wait to see them!
    That little preview looks awesome.

  2. awesome--i wanna see a still shot of that portrait too! its like crack--you never get enough. i am talking about drugs, just to clarify. i would like to see the whole shebang--especially the painting process--in a 100 consecutive hour format. it could be like survivor, but instead of a deserted island--you're locked in the studio forced to paint continuously until the tape runs out (this is an analog reference)

  3. These webisodes will be really really helpful. Could you briefly touch on- "selecting the pose /lighting" etc

  4. For me, the cool thing would be so simple as seeing you at work: mixing colors, applying paint, your brushwork, etc.

    Additionally, one of the most interesting aspect for me is how you work the modeling of the form, and from the conceptualization of the form, the election of color (value, hue, saturation), the matching color process you use (if any), the application of paint (small planes? blending? sort of crosshatching with the brush? mediums? etc.


    Its a great idea and I really like to see it!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Those are great ideas Ariel and I will hopefully cover much of it. Carol, I'm not even as hi-tech as analog, I did photo-realistic paintings of every frame. But I was thinking about doing some videos that, although edited down, will span the whole painting.

    Should be fun...

  6. You did photo-realist paintings of every frame? That in it's self is amazing. The webisode is awesome. You generosity in sharing what you know and do so well will benefit all who seek to up their skill level. The ideas posted for what to include are great. The drawing for the painting and how to transfer might also aid painters.

  7. definately would like to see some webisodes, Im sure anything you put up would be helpful but having watched many instruction DVD to my mine the thing they lack is the stroke by stroke colour mixing information, most give you the pallet but dont go into anyfurther depth about what is in the mind of the artist as they make the hundreds of minute HCV changes that go into making the painting. but just my 2 cents worth, as I said Im sure any information you are generous enough to share will be gratefully recieved

  8. Hi everyone, let me to introduce myself. I'm Francesco from Italy and I wish I could have some explanation about desaturation process. I noticed that Scott doesn't use any blue colour in his palette. I'm asking to myself how you lower the chroma in a orange tint. I know that you have to use complemetary colours in order to achieve some "neautral" effect, so for orange you would need blue colour.
    Thanks for your time folks! By the way, Scott rules!!!